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December 2, 2019

Manufacturing technologies are changing rapidly. But are Ontario’s manufacturers ready to change? 

In the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing’s latest report, Catching the Wave: Lessons from Ontario’s Digital Manufacturing Early Adopters, David Zhang, Paul Boothe, and Alister Smith explore how five Ontario firms adopted or developed some of the digital technologies and processes (DTPs) commonly associated with ‘Industry 4.0’. Based on interviews with representatives of these firms, this report provides practical examples of these firms’ initial experiences adopting or developing technologies associated with Industry 4.0 in their organizations. 

AM-Report-TriliumThis report is part of ongoing efforts by Trillium to raise awareness of how Ontario manufacturers are adopting or developing the technologies and processes associated with Industry 4.0. These efforts follow recommendations made in reports authored by industry leaders – such as (Trillium board member and former Auto Advisor to Ontario and Canada) Ray Tanguay’s Drive to Win – that identify the adoption and development of Industry 4.0 as a critical component of the future success of manufacturing in Ontario.  Read more