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February 4, 2020

NGen’s was in Surrey, BC on January 29th for our first Collaboration event on the Pacific coast.  The room was at full capacity with an enthusiastic audience of advanced manufacturing stakeholders from industry, academia and government.  Participants learned about NGen’s funding programs and heard from companies with eight exciting new ideas for Supercluster projects in need of collaborative partners.

The presentations included four BC companies as well as Leichtbau BW and Lightweight Technology from Baden-Württemberg, Germany who presented four German companies looking for Canadian project partners.

BC companies:

Cast Analytics, looking for a manufacturing process, via the use of; Digital Twin, optimization & software tools.

Solar Earth Technologies, the establishment of a Solar Roads module production plant in BC.

Virtro, VR Training Simulation framework to demonstrate core competency through an evidence based evaluation and metrics that consider verbal and action based situational learning.

Nova Biorubber Green Technologies Inc., want to create a sustainable and hypoallergenic bioproducts such as biolatex, biorubber and inulin from annual rubber plant to grow in North America.

German Companies:

ARENA2036, this project will develop high-performance, fiber reinforced, thermoplastic products by reusing factory waste.

German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), want to develop a fully thermally latent, high-temperature curable one-component resin systems.

Rosswag GmbH, development and qualification of new materials for the LPBF-Process for applications in the area of high strength tool steel alloys or high temperature and high pressure conditions.

INTEC International GmbH, looking for Universities or institutes for developing new algorithm for the MEP® ServiceBox.

To learn more about these opportunities go here.

If you are interested in a partnership with any of the above listed project opportunities please fill out the following form and an NGen representative will contact you.

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