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Company: SAFELIFT Technology
SAFELIFT TECHNOLOGY SAFELIFT Technology proposes the development of elevator technology to help sterilize and reduce the risk of infection inside of an operating elevator against bio hazardous contaminants, such as the novel COVID 19 Virus. SAFELIFT Technology seeks $2,000,000 in financing from NGen to complete working prototype. • Elevator technology that is independent from the elevator manufacturer • Retrofittable in to any elevator new or old • Significantly reduces risk of cross contamination between passengers • Significantly increases the number of passengers safely traveling in the elevator • Free of chemicals • Significantly increases air quality in the elevator High velocity sterile air supply blanket Ionized active floor mat Keypad overlay with self sterilization component Ceiling mounted high velocity supply system that controls adaptively the air pattern in the elevator car based on number of passengers. Light markers will project from the ceiling to the floor to guide the passengers to the safe location in the elevator. Air supply unit delivers sterile air stream in a specific pattern that is configured automatically by a control algorithm based on number of passengers and their positions. The system automatically detects the presence of more than allowable safety factor based on the size of the car and warns the passengers of possible risk so they can disembark at their choice. Floor mounted collection system, designed to capture downwards airflow carrying potential threats and destroying the threat using electrostatic and special surface metal coating on fibers to reduce threats to minimum. Control and monitoring system will continue to supervise efficiency of the floor collection system and self report to the building control of any necessary maintenance KEYPAD OVERLAY ENCLOSURE consisting of high power blue spectrum UV LED to sterilize the surface of the keypad membrane continuously to prevent surface contamination and reduce transmission of the infection. Control system activates high intensity mode during elevator repositioning to further reduce surface contamination over the keypad. Optional AI Based interface to the building control system to maximize efficiency Optional AI Based interface to the building control system to maximize efficiency UHN – Support from largest health network in Canada, CE – European Community approvals, Health Canada pending approval Experienced team of PhDs and engineers with a portfolio of over thirty patents registered on four continents in the field of medicine, electronics and communication. 100s of combined years of unique technical experience at highest engineering and clinical level Experienced team of executives with proven track record of success of large scale deployments for international companies. Outstanding clinical and technical advisors with world renowned specialties.