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Company: DOL Unique Broadband Systems, DOL UBS
Ozone gas, O3, is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known, and a highly potent surface disinfecting agent for most microbiological organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, including the Novel Corona Virus 19. Since Ozone is dangerous to humans and pets, etc., they must be evacuated from the enclosed chamber or room to be sterilized first. The UBS High Efficiency Ozone Sterilizer System (OSS) is designed to be scalable and can operate in both opened and closed loops. The UBS OSS could be configured for mobile, stationary and portable sterilizing application. Mobile open and closed loop OSS is used for disinfection of contaminated objects such aircraft, medical vehicles, trains and closed premises. Stationary closed loop OSS could be used by hospitals, nursery and retirement homes for disinfection of any type of medical equipment, individual protection devices, personal belongs of staff and patients. Portable OSS could be used as individual closed loop disinfection chamber for personal belongs. System is fully automated and highly safe. In case of emergency the ozone generated inside locked chamber could be immediately neutralized using efficient ozone destructor. Chamber door could be opened only if concentration of ozone inside the chamber is dropped below 0.1ppm. Ozone level inside disinfection area are monitored and alarm system will prevent entering into that area if ozone level is above 0.1ppm. When pre-set testing time is complete the ozone chamber automatically enters an ozone destruct cycle. In this cycle, the ozone inside the chamber is safely catalyzed back to oxygen with an ozone destruct device. The user interface display will provide an ambient ozone level inside the chamber and alert when it is safe for humans to enter the chamber. UBS is seeking $ 2,500,000 in Government funding, to complete the development of the OSS. We estimate that development will be complete in 3 months. We will be able to manufacture at least 300 units per month after development is complete. But this can be increased significantly if we hire much more staff and add another manufacturing facility, thus providing jobs for this who have lost jobs due to the COVID 19 pandemic.