About Verv Technolgies:

    Verv Technologies has solved the barrier to passively separating blood plasma from a few drops of whole blood.  Building upon this breakthrough, we have assembled a deep engineering, management and advisory team to finalize development and launch of the first consumer oriented, affordable, high-quality blood chemistry analyzer with disposable test chips that will measure a wide range of analytes (i.e. cholesterol, glucose, vitamin levels, hormones) for home use.  This will transform access to blood testing and data trending for consumers, can provide future point of care opportunities for physicians and improve timely decision making in health strategy between physicians and patients.  

    Project Objectives:

    Our goal is to secure a biochemistry assay development partner that can adapt currently developed assays to work on our device which utilizes Digital Microfluidics, dry chemistry and EC detection methods.

    What THEY bring to the table:

    We have core foundations of the technology platform. Our technology is based on DMF, digital microfluidics and dry chemistry, and EC detection. Microdroplets are moved along the chip surface as voltage is applied, reconstituting reagents as needed, mixing, and then moved for detection using Electrochemistry (EC) electrodes and a sensitive potentiostat. Results are communicated to a smartphone.  Our reference tests are in development now, a complete working prototype is expected in the coming months. We have multiple Phds working on it, we have secured seed round financing.   

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    You have the background and experience to adapt biochemistry tests in a microfluidic regime, lyophilization, and EC detection methods,  and commercially scaling.  

    If you are interested please complete the following form.