Cluster Building Guides

Cluster Building Financial Guide

 To receive Supercluster funding, project applicants must meet evaluation criteria and be approved by NGen’s independent project selection process. Approved projects will be reimbursed for that portion of their project expenses that are eligible under the federal government’s conditions for Supercluster funding.

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NGen Intellectual Property Strategy

NGen’s Intellectual Property (IP) strategy is a critical tool for accomplishing its mission and maximizing the full potential of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster for NGen members and for Canada as a whole. For the purposes of this strategy, IP includes all inventions, whether or not patented or patentable, all commercial and technical information.  

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Project IP Strategy Guide for Applicants

Please use the IP Strategy Guide document along with the project IP Strategy Template Tables to help you put together an IP Strategy for your project, making sure to comply with the NGen Intellectual Property Strategy.

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